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Or we could both go visit lordessalicia and sit really close to her.

So this is what I did today.

You’re both marvelous bastards, and I love you both. 

My Cousland once actually managed to scare Sten into being unable to make eye contact with her for an entire day. 

Alistair had come down with the flu while they were out and about, which meant Cousland had to do his camp chores, his watch shifts, her own chores, her own watch shifts, and babysit that fevered man-child until he was better. So, basically, she’d gotten no sleep for three days. 

Sten made the unimaginably poor decision of saying no to Cousland’s request that he wash out the camp’s pot so they could start making dinner. 

It was…not pleasant. 

However, it should be noted that Sten claims he was, in fact, not the slightest bit afraid of her. He simply just didn’t want to hear her mabari-like yapping any longer, and it was total coincidence that he had to pee immediately after ‘cause he’d been sitting a long time before that and had a lot of water and shut up, basra, what do you know? 


How my Cousland deals with the man who made an attempt on her and her fellow Warden’s lives: 

1. Insist on keeping him for interrogation. 

2. Talk about bosoms for over an hour. 

3. Become best friends. 

4. Wait, what were we supposed to be doing? 

5. Shit, here comes Alistair, and he looks pissed about the fact that we’re giggling like school children in a back alley. 

6. Success…? 


thatonereinyouknow asked:


Was he? I haven’t seen anything myself yet.

I’ve never been huge on him personally, probably because I only ever had one mage character in Origins, who was a male elf that was as pleasant as piss and vinegar. 

So, my experience with Cullen has been: 

Warden Cousland: “Why are you crying? Stop crying. I’m just trying to stop a demon. No, I’m not the demon. For the love of the Maker, no, I’m not going to slaughter everyone. Well, if you’d stop your crying, I’d be able to go take care of it. Okay, bye.”

Rogue Hawke: “If you so much as breathe in my little sister’s direction, I will be on you like ugly on a dwarf’s backside. Got it? Alright, you have a pleasant day now, good sir knight.”

But he is good-looking, I’ll say that much. Hopefully, his attitude will improve? And then we can tap the midnight still, if you will? Woop.

Another bit of dialog from my Cousland’s story: 

Cousland: “Nice going getting your ass nearly handed to you by that one-legged genlock this morning, by the way.” 

Alistair: “If we could just, y’know, pretend that never happened…I’d be eternally grateful.” 

Cousland: “Sure thing. Just like I pretend not to notice when you watch me bathe.” 

Alistair: “No! I wasn’t…wait, but you know…what, how?!” 

Cousland: “Taint can sense other taint, remember?” 

Alistair: “Maker’s ass, it’s official; I am the dumbest Grey Warden who ever lived. Ugh, you must think I’m some…creepy, perverted, disgusting excuse for a man now, don’t you?” 

Cousland: “Warden, that would be implying that I didn’t already think that.” 

Alistair: “Oh. Well, so long as you know…” 


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