You're GIVING away that staff??!?! :O

Yep, I have leftover supplies from making it, so I’m going to make a new version of it eventually, y’know, using what I learned from the first one. So, I really don’t have any need for it anymore. 

I don’t want to sell it because I have no clue what it’s even worth, if anything. Plus, I’d really rather just pass it on to some other person who maybe wants to cosplay or something and can’t afford supplies and stuff. 


I'm a mage disguised as a templar so no one will expect me of being a mage, so does that really make me a templar?

How do you know I’m not just a templar disguised as a mage? Maybe this whole “staff giveaway” thing is like “To Catch an Apostate: Kirkwall Edition.” I’m a little girl alone in a house with lemonade and cookies and a big, ol’ magic staff just waiting for you. Did you ever think about that? 

Well, don’t. Because that’s definitely not what’s happening.

For sure.

1. These are the funniest books I have ever read. 

2. These are also really creepy. 

3. They are my favorite books ever.

If you don’t have them: 

1st Book: John Dies at The End on Amazon

2nd Book: This Book Is Full of Spiders on Amazon

Also, yes, there’s a movie of the first one. I wouldn’t say it’s a great movie, but I would say it’s entertaining if you’ve already read the books, since it’s kind of cool to see the characters actually on screen. 

Anyway, I’m rereading them (for the third time) since it’s October, and I just wanted to share!


…Uh, my apologies to Hawke’s father. So yes, I made the Malcolm’s Honor staff from Dragon Age 2. I don’t need it anymore, and I figured I’d give it away to someone who would like to have it.

How to win: 

  • Reblog this post. (Reblog as much as you like, but don’t spam it.)
  • Follow me. (For results announcement. Also, I’m a lovable butthole.)
  • Be randomly chosen on November 1st.

If you win, I will require: 

  • An address to ship the staff to. (International is fine too!)
  • Proof that you’re not a templar.
  • Just kidding. Why would I say that? Ha ha, no mage business here.
  • Open Ask box so I can send a message.
  • But seriously, if you’re a templar, you have to tell me.

Some details about the staff: 

  • 6 ft (183 cm) tall. (Don’t know the weight. Not heavy though.)
  • Made of wood, worbla, paper clay, steel wire, aluminum foil, wire nails, leather, and rope. Also love.
  • Only killed like a dozen or so people with it, so it’s pretty clean.
  • Handy-dandy rope strap for putting over the shoulder.
  • Oh, no, no, no—not killed. I mean…staved. Gently staved.
  • Looks great with any robe.

Two weeks left!