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Armored Stranger: “Hey! You three! What are you three doing in that bush over there?!” 

Alistair: “…N-Nothing…” 

The back of Alistair’s pants ripped on a thorny thicket, so my Cousland had to hold the fabric in place while Wynne fixed it. 

Not exactly the future king’s proudest moment. 


ask-the-wolf asked:

Volus Pizza Guy : Where to find him - Mess hall, where he makes nothing but pizza. Dextro AND Levo. Attacks include throwing razor sharp pizza crusts and gooey mozzerella grenades. Loyalty mission is tracking down a theif who stole his family's secret recipie, where you'll get his loyalty power; Delivery Distraction. Also, romanceable.

The amount of money I would be willing to spend on this is almost mortifying. 


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